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It’s fair to say that results day for GCSE, AS and A levels in the summer of 2021 is not going to be like a normal year. Due to the global pandemic, exam year students have faced major disruption to their learning. But without grades, students will have no clear indication to provide when looking at their next stage of education or employment. It is for this reason that Ofqual and the Department for Education (DfE) have said that In place of exams they propose that a student’s grade in a subject will be based on their teacher’s assessment of the standard at which they are performing.

Whilst that was not the news that many wanted to hear, it was likely the only conceivable way to offer a clear playing field for all exam year students and thus provide for equal opportunity. Teachers are to follow strict guidelines and criteria for the grading of students based on what the students have been taught. There was a lot learnt from the disastrous results in 2020 and there’s hope that the 2021 system will be much fairer for students overall.

The DfE has an excellent guide entitled
What you need to know about grades in 2021

Nervous about results?

If you’re worried or anxious, talk about it. Tell your family or friends, write it down or perhaps talk to a teacher. Don’t be embarrassed about your feelings, it’s safe to say that you won’t be the only one feeling this way. The main thing to remember is that it’s just anxiety – it can’t harm you, and it will pass.

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Whether you get the results you expected or not, that’s OK

Whether you get the results you expected or not, that’s OK. It’s important to try and celebrate what you have achieved, whether that’s academically or not – you’ve survived the most difficult period in education since the second world war and you deserve to be proud of that.”

Ways to celebrate

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From all the team at School leavers Company, we wish all students the very best for their results. But remember, whatever your achievement, you are all amazing after the year you have had!

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