Leavers Hoodies Home delivery is back!

Home Delivery for Leavers Hoodies

The vast majority of our orders are shipped directly to your school, it’s free and allows you to make an event out of giving the hoodies out. But there comes a point in the year when students are no longer attending school regularly. The best option is to order their hoodies with the home delivery option.

The end of the school year is a time to celebrate the years gone, and the years ahead, don’t miss the opportunity to delight your students with their custom leavers hoodie.

Why do leavers want a hoodie?

They’ve made it through their school years and they’re proud of their high school, their mates and everything they have achieved together. They’re a school leaver, ready to take on the world and begin the exciting next chapter of your life. 

Why not remember this time of possibility, potential and the thrill of what could come next with a stylish and comfortable keepsake?

About the company

School Leavers Company was established back in 1997 and are the original inventor of the leavers hoodie. Fantastic quality hoodies, reliable customer service and fun and attractive designs make School Leavers Company hoodies a must-buy! In fact, if you have an idea of your own design, we are extremely flexible and can help you transfer this on to a hoodie. You can also go for school leavers T shirts, perfect for summer or sports.

How does home delivery work?

School Leavers Company is offering home delivery with your order, meaning that every student will receive their own personalised hoodie, delivered straight to their own individual home address.

Online Shops

The student will enter their delivery details when they order and pay for their hoodie.

Online Order Forms

We’ll require you to send us a spreadsheet of student names and addresses (we’ll send you a template with the required format).

Once bulk production is complete, we’ll despatch each hoodie to the students’ home address via Royal Mail’s Tracked 48 service. Whilst the service is tracked, no signature is required at the point of delivery.

Contact us today to place your order.

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