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Producing leavers hoodies is simple right? You give us a few sizes and names and hey presto, your hoodies arrive as if by magic.

Of course, it isn’t that simple, but because of the amazing superhero team here at the School Leavers Company, we can make it easy for you to place your order. The team are here to guide you through every step of the process to make sure that your students are happy with their leaver’s or trip memento.

Not all superheroes wear capes – some wear hoodies!

We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to our 5-star superhero’s.

Name: Rachel  
Job Title: Manager

Primary role:  Getting stuff done and being the Officer in charge of morale.
What did your school do for you when you left: Absolutely nothing 😥
If you had one, what would be your superhero power/skill and why: Wasp
She’s the moral voice among them, the one who gets stuff done, leading the way. If you’re looking for a strong backbone for your hero team you want the Wasp!
What is your vice to get you through the office day: Posh coffee and biscuit O’Clock at 10:00 and 15:00, along with a good dose of sarcasm.
What nickname would be printed on your school leavers hoodie and why: “Rach”, keeping it simple and to the point.
What do you enjoy doing most when you are not working: Spending time with my 2 cocker spaniels and riding my bike.
What’s your favourite quote: “Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to them that counts” – Nikki Giovanni
What’s your favourite thing about work for the School Leavers Company: Great atmosphere, the team and customers are brilliant.  What more could you want when you come to work.

Name: Jodie 
Job Title: Customer Service Advisor

Primary role: Making sure that the hoodies you order appear on time.
What did your school do for you when you left: We had a prom at the safari park.
If you had one, what would be your superhero power/skill and why: The Invisible Woman
Susan “Sue” Storm Richards – as she can be invisible and has force-field projections.
What is your vice to get you through the office day: Very important that we have coffee o’clock with a biscuit.
What nickname would be printed on your school leavers hoodie and why:
Bow, the position you’ll most often find me when out rowing.
What do you enjoy doing most when you are not working: You will find me with the girls, going for paddle up and down the river.
What’s your favourite quote: “You are braver than you believe and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think” – AA Milne
What’s your favourite thing about work for the School Leavers Company: Seeing what amazing hoodies our clients come up with.

Name: Vicky 
Job Title: Customer Service Advisor

Primary role: Helping to take the stress out of ordering leavers hoodies.
What did your school do for you when you left: My school arranged a prom for us, and we also had leavers hoodies.
If you had one, what would be your superhero power/skill and why: Teleporting
I love to travel, so with this superpower I could go anywhere in the world.
What is your vice to get you through the office day: Biscuit breaks!
What nickname would be printed on your school leavers hoodie and why:
Miss Vicky – I am told I’m the teacher in the team.
What do you enjoy doing most when you are not working: When I’m not working, and the world is normal I enjoy going to the gym and going on walks with my pooch Maxwell.
What’s your favourite quote: Stay positive, work hard, make it happen.
What’s your favourite thing about work for the School Leavers Company: The rest of the SLC team are great to work with and it’s satisfying to see the school’s orders leaving us knowing that you’ve been part of the process!

Name: Sam
Job Title: Operations Director

Primary role: I run the factory – all the print and embroidery is done in-house, giving us full control of the production process so I ensure all the leavers hoodies are produced efficiently, to the best possible standard and that they all go out on time.
What did your school do for you when you left: Way back in 2005, we all got leavers hoodies – I still have mine to this day (it’s a little bit tighter now).
If you had one, what would be your superhero power/skill and why: Flying
I wish I could fly – then I would be able to get to the beach quickly to go surfing.
What is your vice to get you through the office day: Chocolate and sugar in my tea.
What nickname would be printed on your school leavers hoodie and why:
Calthorpe – it’s my middle name.
What do you enjoy doing most when you are not working: Surfing.
What’s your favourite quote: People see me, and they see the suit, and they go: “you’re not fooling anyone”, they know I’m rock and roll through and through. But you know that old thing, live fast, die young? Not my way. Live fast, sure, live too fast sometimes, but die young? Die old. – David Brent
What’s your favourite thing about work for the School Leavers Company: The busy few months of May, June & July when we create the majority of the school leavers hoodies.

Name: Tom
Job Title: Sales Director

Primary role: Strategic lead for sales and business development.
What did your school do for you when you left: We organised hoodies for each individual boarding house with their own design. They looked great!
If you had one, what would be your superhero power/skill and why: Flying
I’d love to be able to fly. Travel would be so easy.
What is your vice to get you through the office day: Coffee all day long. I drink way too much of it.
What nickname would be printed on your school leavers hoodie and why:
Mason – horribly unoriginal from my mates. I’d hoped for better.
What do you enjoy doing most when you are not working: Playing golf and going to the gym.
What’s your favourite quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky
What’s your favourite thing about work for the School Leavers Company: Seeing all the returning customers come back year on year and reading all the great nicknames.

Name: Angus
Job Title: Managing Director


Primary role: Overall management of the company but with specific focus on the strategy, marketing and finances.
What did your school do for you when you left: I left school many years ago and unfortunately well before leavers hoodies! But we did have a leavers party.
If you had one, what would be your superhero power/skill and why: Instant Self Healing
Would be great to be able to recover from any sports injury immediately – then I could run a full triathlon!
What is your vice to get you through the office day: Coffee in the morning – the stronger the better!!
What nickname would be printed on your school leavers hoodie and why:
Goose – what most of my school and Uni friends have called me.
What do you enjoy doing most when you are not working: I love all sports so am happy to be practising any sport.
What’s your favourite quote: “One always measures friendships by how they show up in bad weather” – Winston Churchill
What’s your favourite thing about work for the School Leavers Company: It is truly satisfying to see how the SL team are able to bring happiness to so many school leavers by getting their hoodie to them on time so that they can all wear them together!

There’s a lot of people involved in making the best quality leavers mementoes. Besides those above, we have a whole team of superheroes working behind the scenes to make our fantastic leavers hoodies happen. The team includes our designers, printers, embroiderers, marketers, finance, quality and packing.

We think our leavers hoodies team really are superheroes, but don’t just take our word for it, take a look at these amazing 5-star Truspilot reviews our customers left about the service they received:

We know you have a choice when it comes to ordering leavers hoodies for your school, choosing us guarantees the best quality designs, printing and garments you can get for the price. We throw in our amazing superhero customer service for free!

Try us today and we’ll make you look like a superhero for your school.

Contact us today to place your order.


Top 8 Ways to Celebrate on Results Day

Celebrate whatever the result!

2021, not what we would call a ‘normal’ year! Whether you get the results you expected or not, that’s OK. It’s important to try and celebrate what you have achieved, whether that’s academically or not – you’ve survived the most difficult period in education since the second world war and you deserve to be proud of that.” 

We discussed what to expect on result day in this previous post ‘Results Day Expectations 2021’

Results day is significant not so much for the results, but for the fact that it marks a major point in life. One part of your education is ending and you are now moving onto the next part of your life story.

Here are the TOP 8 ways to celebrate this significant moment!

1. BBQ Party

barbecue bbq beef charcoal
BBQ Party

It’s summer, so get together with your fellow results receivers and party in the sun*, this can even double up as a summer send-off if you and your mates are all off to different universities. (*sun is not guaranteed, this is the UK!) 

2. Shopping trip

happy woman jumping with shopping bags
Shopping Trip

Celebrations call for guilt-free shopping trips. Just make sure it’s not you that’s paying for it!

3. Food, food, food

woman pouring juice on glass
Food, food, food

Who doesn’t love a meal out? This is YOUR day, so it’s YOUR choice where you eat and WHO is coming with you

4. Big screen extravaganza

light people music musician
Big screen extravaganza

Why not get together with your gang for a cinema trip, extra-large popcorn, VIP, the complete IMAX experience? No films that take your fancy? Some cinemas are now available to hire for the day, take your gaming device and battle your mates on the big screen.

5. Theme park

white and yellow roller coaster
Theme park

Feel the wind in your hair and leave all that stress behind with an adrenaline-filled day at a theme park. 

6. Spa day

girl in white shirt lying on brown textile
Spa day

And relax! To say it’s been a stressful time is an understatement so treating yourself to a spa day is just what you need.‌

7. Hit the Beach

silhouette photography of group of people jumping during golden time
Hit the Beach

Sand between your toes, waves lapping at your ankles, fish & chips, doughnuts and the sound of seagulls? Of course, the beach! Ooh – we almost forgot the ice cream!

8‌. Leavers Hoodies

Leavers Hoodies from the School Leavers Company

So this is an idea that lasts. It gives you a warm feeling. It’s filled with nostalgia about your school days. The Leavers Hoodie is the ultimate in school leaver mementoes.

Get your leavers hoodies in time for results day this August

We are still producing Leavers Hoodies right into the summer, and they make the perfect gift for results day. Home delivery is available, or they can be delivered to school and given out on that special day in August.

Leavers Hoodies 2021

Contact us today to place your order.

Results day expectations 2021


It’s fair to say that results day for GCSE, AS and A levels in the summer of 2021 is not going to be like a normal year. Due to the global pandemic, exam year students have faced major disruption to their learning. But without grades, students will have no clear indication to provide when looking at their next stage of education or employment. It is for this reason that Ofqual and the Department for Education (DfE) have said that In place of exams they propose that a student’s grade in a subject will be based on their teacher’s assessment of the standard at which they are performing.

Whilst that was not the news that many wanted to hear, it was likely the only conceivable way to offer a clear playing field for all exam year students and thus provide for equal opportunity. Teachers are to follow strict guidelines and criteria for the grading of students based on what the students have been taught. There was a lot learnt from the disastrous results in 2020 and there’s hope that the 2021 system will be much fairer for students overall.

The DfE has an excellent guide entitled
What you need to know about grades in 2021

Nervous about results?

If you’re worried or anxious, talk about it. Tell your family or friends, write it down or perhaps talk to a teacher. Don’t be embarrassed about your feelings, it’s safe to say that you won’t be the only one feeling this way. The main thing to remember is that it’s just anxiety – it can’t harm you, and it will pass.

woman sitting in front of macbook
Photo by on

Whether you get the results you expected or not, that’s OK

Whether you get the results you expected or not, that’s OK. It’s important to try and celebrate what you have achieved, whether that’s academically or not – you’ve survived the most difficult period in education since the second world war and you deserve to be proud of that.”

Ways to celebrate

Read our blog on the Top 8 ways to celebrate your results

Top 8 Ways to Celebrate on Results Day


How will you celebrate this results day? Lets face it, 2021 hasn’t exactly been great, but when you collect your results this August you should celebrate – whatever the outcome. You deserve it! We take a look at the top 8 ways to celebrate on results day.

Keep reading

From all the team at School leavers Company, we wish all students the very best for their results. But remember, whatever your achievement, you are all amazing after the year you have had!

Leavers Hoodies are still available

We are still producing Leavers Hoodies right into the summer, and they make the perfect gift for results day. Home delivery is available, or they can be delivered to school and given out on that special day in August.

Contact us today to place your order.

Outdoor education is back – where should we go?

Custom hoodies for school trips

We all remember our school trips, days and sometimes weeks away from the classroom, for many the first time being away from home. Sadly, many have missed out on these fantastic educational visits over the last year.

Time away from home with their peers with the football academy or perhaps a few days at a countryside outdoor activity centre have been sorely missed over the last 12 months, but the good news is that outdoor education is coming back!

The DfE (Department for Education) recently released updated guidance for the return of educational visits. Starting with day visits from the 12 April and the expectation that domestic residential trips can resume from the 17 May (subject to the roadmap being met). Whilst this is specific to England, other nations are preparing similar approaches.

You can read the full info from the DfE here

Trips of course aren’t only organised by schools. If you’re involved with any of these types of groups you will also have been restricted until now:

  • Brownies & Guides
  • Cubs & Scouts
  • Brigades & Cadets
  • Youth Groups
  • Sports Clubs
  • Faith Groups
  • Netball, Hockey, Football and other teams
  • Private groups
  • Choirs and performing arts groups
School children looking for bugs during outdoor education
School children looking for bugs during an outdoor education visit

What trips should we plan?

Most outdoor centres and attractions that cater for educational trips across the UK have been closed since the first COVID lockdown in March 2020, many of those are now at risk of financial failure and permanent closure. As restrictions are relaxed schools and groups will be able to organise day and residential trips across the UK, and those venues will be very happy to welcome young people back.

It’s probably fair to accept that the majority of school trips in 2021 will be taken domestically. Here’s a few ideas our team have put together.

Sailing school, a great skill to learn in the summer months around the Uk

The great outdoors

For team building and developing a sense of adventure, you can’t beat an outdoor activity centre. We are lucky in the UK to have many of these centres, all set in areas of outstanding natural beauty. Whether it’s rock climbing, paddleboarding or bushcraft you are looking for the British Activity Providers Association (BAPA) has all the information you need.

Recent news has seen a lot of discussion about the Duke of Edinburgh awards, especially the expeditions and activities that young people undertake to qualify for their award. A resumption of DofE activities will be welcomed by many.

The cultural

Museums and theatres have had a tough year. Educational visits are a huge element of their income and whilst many have provided virtual visits its just not the same as being there. Many of the museums in the UK are free to enter, whilst most of them also offer some form of education package which includes onsite learning plans. As for the theatre, what better way to bring a book read in the classroom to life than to see it played out on the stage.

The adrenalin seekers

Maybe it’s time to let your class or group unwind. They’ve had a year unlike any other, so let’s go wild!
There are more than 200 theme parks in the UK, the perfect way to satisfy the adrenalin junkies and for your group to let their hair down. UK School Trips has info on the majority of them, with lots of them including educational elements to your day out.

Sun, sea and surf school! Ok, we are talking about domestic trips so the sun maybe isn’t guaranteed, but that doesn’t stop the adventure for those learning a new skill like surfing – there’s lots of surf schools around the UK to choose from.

The club tournament

For those that are members of football, netball, hockey or cheer teams, there’s lots of opportunity for tournaments and events. Some of those are residential regional or national events. It will be great to see those tournament trophy’s being lifted again!

The Historic

Learning history in the classroom only gets you so far. The ability to visit places of historic interest brings those lessons to life. There are hundreds of Castles and museums across the UK that offer hands-on learning opportunities. Most offer tours, talks, interactive exhibitions and workshops interlinked with the national curriculum

Castles and historic places of interest are aplenty throughout the UK, this is Wray Castle on the shores of Lake Windermere.

Make those memories last longer

Here at the School Leavers Company, we are famous for our School Leavers Hoodies, but that’s not all we do. If your school or group is organising a trip we are able to provide you with custom-designed hoodies or t-shirts.

Make your group stand out amongst the crowds with our school trip hoodies. Not only are they practical garments to wear on trips, but they also make for a perfect memento to be worn months and years after.

No matter what type of trip you are organising, we’ve got the best custom trip hoodies for you. Talk to our friendly team today for more information.

Contact us today to place your order.

Leavers hoodies in production

Leavers Hoodies 2021 in production

Our factory is about to enter it’s busiest period for leavers hoodie production. As summer term approaches the orders start to roll in to fulfil the end of school year rush for personalised leavers mementoes.

Depending on the garments and designs chosen, there are a number of production methods used to create the best leavers hoodies you can get in the UK.


A lot of schools opt for an embroidered logo on the front. Usually placed on the left chest, embroidery adds a high quality feel to the garment. At the school leavers company, we have embroidery machines that can stitch multiple garments at the same time. You can imagine it’s quite a noisy environment, but absolutely mesmerising to watch a logo starting to take shape.

Before we can start stitching the logo you supply to us it needs to be digitised so that it’s compatible with the embroidery machine, this allows the machine to know which thread colours to use on each part of the logo. It’s much more complex than that, maybe something for another blog in the future.

You can see here a couple of logo’s being embroidered directly onto the leavers hoodies.

Screen Printing

In the majority of cases, we use screen printing to produce all other customisations on our leavers hoodies. Screen printing provides the optimum quality finish and creates garments that will stand the test of time in the washing machine (assuming you follow the washing instruction correctly).

Our large workshop is able to turn around 100’s of leavers hoodies every day. You can see a speak peek into our screen printing workshop in the video below where you can see several of the 2021 special lockdown leavers designs being printed.

A word on quality

We supply a premium quality heavyweight (300gsm) hoodie. Most wholesale hoodies on the market offered by other companies are generally poor quality and lightweight (usually 250-260gsm). Our hoodies are also a 50:50 cotton/polyester mix which makes them soft, warm and snuggly. Hoodies made with a higher cotton mix tend to fade in the wash and can feel rough against the skin.

High quality leavers hoodies

Contact us today to place your order.

Back To School, But Time To Think About Leaving


So the nation has watched with bated breath as the UK Prime Minister made his announcement on the 4 step process to leaving what we all hope is the very last Covid related lockdown in England.

From the 8th March all schools across England are expected to welcome the return of students, with similar arrangements across the rest of the UK. For some teachers, parents and students alike the news probably comes with a mix of emotions.

Teachers: For certain they are amongst the unsung heroes of this pandemic! School staff have done an amazing job adapting to remote learning and support for those students at home, teaching the staff of key workers and vulnerable children that have continued to attend school and coping with all the extra stresses that the pandemic has thrown at them such as managing safe learning environments and testing.

If you work in a school, we salute you!

Parents: Not everyone’s a born educator, at least not when it comes to Shakespeare or quadratic equations. Whilst many parents will be concerned about the safety for their family when their children return to school, there is no doubt of the relief that will be felt across the nation as the teaching gets passed back to the teachers.

If you have been homeschooling your children, you deserve a medal!

Students: Let’s face it, if you’re a student, you’ve started to realise over the last year how much you actually like school. The mental pressure on students over the last 12 months is huge, as learning has been majorly disrupted and students have not been able to mix with their friends. For senior schools, it means returning with the caveat of regular Covid lateral flow tests and masks now being required to be worn in some classrooms.

For most, going back to school will feel amazing and probably be quite an emotional first day back

Enjoy it whilst it lasts

For a large number of students, the return to school will not last so long. Not because we’ll be back in lockdown, but because it’s time to leave the school and move on to the next adventure that life offers.

In as little as 10 weeks after students return to school, senior school students in their final years will start to leave.

We all have our memories of school, and especially that final year. But this year is different, no leavers before them have had this much disruption to their school year.

Celebrate these last few months with School Leavers Hoodies for the exceptional #classof2021

Setting up a shop or online form is easy, contact our expert team today to get your order started.

Place your order now to guarantee on-time delivery

One thing we can’t stress enough this year more than any other is to get your order placed as soon as possible. The pandemic has taken it’s toll on garment manufacture this last few months, and some lead times are taking longer than normal. Don’t run the risk of placing orders too late and then hoodies potentially not being dispatched until long after the students have departed school.

Let us help you set up your ordering process today, and certainly try to do before Easter.

Our team will do everything we can to manage your orders for on-time delivery, but as we approach peak season even for a large leavers hoodies supplier like ourselves our lead times will become longer.

We have a huge buying power when it comes to obtaining the high-quality hoodies we customise for you, smaller companies are likely to see some problems and delays in their supply chain over the next few months.

So help us to help you, start your order today!

Take a look at some of our previous blogs:

online Shop or form – you decide!

Choices to make when purchasing leavers hoodies

Everyone likes a choice right? If we all did things the same way life would be pretty boring.

Ordering personalised items for several people can be a challenge. Imagine how challenging that can be when the order is for a whole school class, or even the complete year group!

At the School Leavers Company our fantastic back office team like to make things simple for those ordering leavers hoodies. We offer two simple methods for placing your orders. All you have to do is decide which one best fits your requirements.

The two choices really come down to how the hoodies will ultimately be paid for. Lot’s of schools or PTA’s opt to purchase leavers hoodies on behalf of the students, meaning payment is then based on a single invoice. Other schools and organisers ask that the students to pay for the hoodies (yeah yeah, we know it’s most likely the parents that are actually making the payment), this equates to multiple independent payments.

Want to cut to the chase and just watch a quick video to get the low down? >Go here

But first – The Hoodie

Before we get into the ordering method, it’s important to note that certain decisions will need to be made about the leavers hoodies you would like the students to have. We have multiple designs both front and back to choose from. A choice of fonts. A huge range of colours. And then there’s different types of hoodie such as our classic hoodie, two tone hoodies and even full zip hoodies.

Lockdown Leavers Design REAR LD05
Lockdown Leavers Design REAR LD05
Lockdown Leavers Design REAR LD03
Lockdown Leavers Design REAR LD03
Lockdown Leavers Design REAR LD01

Most schools prefer to fix several of these choices before orders are opened up to students. For example a lot of schools prefer to choose a specific colour of hoodie.

You can see the full range of choices available on the website

The Online Shop

We’ll set up your own personalised shop where individuals can view their design, order and pay for their own hoodies – what could be easier!

Requesting to open an Online Shop:
We ask you to complete a simple form which gives us the information we need to set up your online shop. We send you a username and password which you can then share with your students.

Each student orders securely online:
Each student logs in to the online shop, they make the choices which you have agreed they can change (example: the addition of their nickname, or perhaps a choice of colour). They can then order and pay for their hoodie online. meaning you don’t have to handle any money or orders yourself.

We process your order & deliver!
The online shop will have a closing date when students need to have placed their order by. We will then send you an artwork approval form which contains all the names and options which were ordered by the students. Once you approve the artwork our factory will swing into action producing your order. Orders are shipped around 3 weeks after artwork approval.

The Online Form

With this option we create you a form that you log in to and fill in online. You can come back to the form as often as you need to until you have input all the info about the students.

Requesting an Online Order Form:
We’ll ask you to provide some basic information. We will then set-up a bespoke form for you. You will access the form via a secure login.

Complete your Order Online:
You can log in to your form as often as you need. You will need to supply details such as sizes, student names, quantities, colour choices etc. The more options you give your students, the more data you will need to collect. When you’ve finished simply press ‘Confirm Order’ which will then submit the order to our team for final processing.

We process your order & deliver!
Once we have received your Finance Approval Form we’ll process your order for delivery by courier in around 3 weeks.

A note on delivery dates!

Delivery dates can be shorter or longer depending on the time of year, as you can imagine we are at our busiest in May and June which can mean orders take longer to process. The earlier you can get your order completed the less your students have to wait to receive their hoodies. Lot’s of schools have now started to order much earlier so that their students can wear their hoodies during the last few months of school.

Our standard free delivery is based on bulk shipment direct to the school or organiser. But now you can also choose to make covid secure home deliveries available so that students can receive the garment directly to their door.

So it really is that simple!

It really is that easy to get your order in place. This short video breaks down the facts you need to know to place your school leavers hoodie order.

This video takes you through the options available for school leavers hoodies

Don’t delay, get your order started today.

Lockdown Leavers hoodies 2021

Student working from home during the UK Lockdown whilst wearing a leavers hoodie

This year’s school leavers need something to look forward to, yet with schools closed, exams cancelled and leavers proms extremely unlikely, there’s not much that students can be optimistic about when it comes to their final year at school.

When Schools reopened in September 2020 no one expected that come the start of 2021 we would still be under tight restrictions because of the covid-19 pandemic. Granted, it was far from an ordinary school year with students asked to wear face masks, bubble up into classes that cannot mix on campus and the constant risk of self-isolation when a classmate tests positive. But whilst it wasn’t school as normal it was still school with pupils able to see their friends and teachers able to teach their subjects.

School students are being homeschooled by parents and through online lessons
School students are being homeschooled by parents and through online lessons

As we write this blog at the start of February 2021 a huge majority of the ~7million UK school students are being homeschooled. Isolated from their school mates and their teachers, learning at the rate normally expected is a huge challenge. Schools and their teachers are doing an astounding job given the circumstances, providing a mix of on and offline learning together with supporting the children of key workers. Then there’s the amazing parents and carers that are trying their best to home school their families. Everyone is struggling, but everyone is doing their best, and we can only applaud that.

For 2021 there is still much to celebrate and be optimistic about, but the celebrations themselves will remain muted.

For those pupils in their last year of school, this is a particularly sad state of affairs. The final year of school is often the happiest, a time to celebrate the success of the last few years and look with optimism towards the future ahead. For 2021 there is still much to celebrate and be optimistic about, but the celebrations themselves will remain muted.

End of school celebrations such as proms is unlikely to happen this year, although creative virtual proms may be the order of the day. But how can students look back on this extraordinary year in the future? We’ve been making leavers hoodies since 1998, some say the original and the best, and who are we to disagree! But this year we felt that our leaver’s hoodies would possibly mean more than ever, so what could we do differently to mark this very different year?

Introducing the Lockdown Leavers designs for the class of 2021
Introducing the Lockdown Leavers designs for the class of 2021

Introducing the Lockdown Leavers Hoodies

Introducing the lockdown leavers hoodie designs. A selection of special designs to remember the class of 2021. Our designers have come up with five new unique designs which maintain the classic hallmarks of our normal leaver’s hoodies but with a choice of design elements which will remind people that 2021 was far from a normal year.

Watch the vibe of Lockdown Leavers Hoodies video

These designs, of course, won’t be for everyone, some will prefer to go with a normal design and block out all knowledge that 2021 even happened. But for those looking to celebrate leaving school in a lockdown year, look no further than these special designs.

  • REAR LD01
  • Lockdown Leavers Design REAR LD02
  • Lockdown Leavers Design REAR LD03
  • Lockdown Leavers Design REAR LD04
  • Lockdown Leavers Design REAR LD05

However the school year ends, we wish all 2021 school leavers the very best of luck!

What will leavers parties be like in the New Year if COVID is still around?

Many pupils leaving schools and colleges this year were not only caught up in the confusion surrounding exams and predicted grades, but they also missed out on all the end of year celebrations, including leavers proms, graduation ceremonies, sports days and a whole lot more.

Obviously, everyone hopes that for next year’s pupils leaving primary and secondary school that the situation will be very much different and that the traditions enjoyed by so many school leavers in the UK in the past can return. However, it is worth being prepared and thinking about leavers parties now.

Virtual events

During the national lockdown, many schools came up with innovative ideas for school leavers to celebrate their time at their school, including virtual proms and graduation ceremonies. While these will never replace the real thing, they were at least a way of marking the occasion. Many pupils who were initially reluctant to take part in virtual events ended up enjoying the experience and getting on board with the occasion, with many schools also using it to fundraise.

Some pupils who were already disappointed by the way their school experience had ended believed the virtual events wouldn’t live up to expectations, but with a little bit of imagination and persuasion from friends and family, pupils from all across the country embraced the virtual events and dressed up in their party gear, prepared speeches and even enjoyed some dancing around their homes. Teachers and parents also got involved and joined in, applauding and celebrating what for many was an emotional end to their school education.

Leavers hoodies

One tradition that was still able to continue was for pupils to be able to purchase, or be presented with, a leavers hoodie and pupils leaving schools and colleges next year can also be sure of getting their leavers hoodies 2021. These mementos are worn with pride for many years and are a symbol of unity among a year group. Designs available include two-tone to zip-through and are available in sizes from junior up to adult. Leavers hoodies 2021 are available in a variety of colours for school leavers in the UK, with many opting for their school colours, or house team colours.

School leavers clothing and mugs

Other ideas for school leavers in the UK include other clothing such as T-shirts, polo shirts and rugby shirts. Schools can even order a US-style varsity jacket featuring the school logo.

There are also non-clothing items for leavers, including leavers’ mugs. These are printed using a dye-sublimation process, which ensures the design is permanent and 100% dishwasher and microwave safe. As well as the school logo, pupil names can also be printed, making it a truly special item to treasure for years to come.

Whatever 2021 brings, one thing that is certain is that thousands of school children up and down the country will be celebrating the end of their primary, secondary or college education and that deserves a souvenir, whatever the circumstances.

Early bird prices when ordered before Christmas!

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Early Bird Prices!

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