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Back To School, But Time To Think About Leaving


So the nation has watched with bated breath as the UK Prime Minister made his announcement on the 4 step process to leaving what we all hope is the very last Covid related lockdown in England.

From the 8th March all schools across England are expected to welcome the return of students, with similar arrangements across the rest of the UK. For some teachers, parents and students alike the news probably comes with a mix of emotions.

Teachers: For certain they are amongst the unsung heroes of this pandemic! School staff have done an amazing job adapting to remote learning and support for those students at home, teaching the staff of key workers and vulnerable children that have continued to attend school and coping with all the extra stresses that the pandemic has thrown at them such as managing safe learning environments and testing.

If you work in a school, we salute you!

Parents: Not everyone’s a born educator, at least not when it comes to Shakespeare or quadratic equations. Whilst many parents will be concerned about the safety for their family when their children return to school, there is no doubt of the relief that will be felt across the nation as the teaching gets passed back to the teachers.

If you have been homeschooling your children, you deserve a medal!

Students: Let’s face it, if you’re a student, you’ve started to realise over the last year how much you actually like school. The mental pressure on students over the last 12 months is huge, as learning has been majorly disrupted and students have not been able to mix with their friends. For senior schools, it means returning with the caveat of regular Covid lateral flow tests and masks now being required to be worn in some classrooms.

For most, going back to school will feel amazing and probably be quite an emotional first day back

Enjoy it whilst it lasts

For a large number of students, the return to school will not last so long. Not because we’ll be back in lockdown, but because it’s time to leave the school and move on to the next adventure that life offers.

In as little as 10 weeks after students return to school, senior school students in their final years will start to leave.

We all have our memories of school, and especially that final year. But this year is different, no leavers before them have had this much disruption to their school year.

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