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Leavers hoodies in production

Leavers Hoodies 2021 in production

Our factory is about to enter it’s busiest period for leavers hoodie production. As summer term approaches the orders start to roll in to fulfil the end of school year rush for personalised leavers mementoes.

Depending on the garments and designs chosen, there are a number of production methods used to create the best leavers hoodies you can get in the UK.


A lot of schools opt for an embroidered logo on the front. Usually placed on the left chest, embroidery adds a high quality feel to the garment. At the school leavers company, we have embroidery machines that can stitch multiple garments at the same time. You can imagine it’s quite a noisy environment, but absolutely mesmerising to watch a logo starting to take shape.

Before we can start stitching the logo you supply to us it needs to be digitised so that it’s compatible with the embroidery machine, this allows the machine to know which thread colours to use on each part of the logo. It’s much more complex than that, maybe something for another blog in the future.

You can see here a couple of logo’s being embroidered directly onto the leavers hoodies.

Screen Printing

In the majority of cases, we use screen printing to produce all other customisations on our leavers hoodies. Screen printing provides the optimum quality finish and creates garments that will stand the test of time in the washing machine (assuming you follow the washing instruction correctly).

Our large workshop is able to turn around 100’s of leavers hoodies every day. You can see a speak peek into our screen printing workshop in the video below where you can see several of the 2021 special lockdown leavers designs being printed.

A word on quality

We supply a premium quality heavyweight (300gsm) hoodie. Most wholesale hoodies on the market offered by other companies are generally poor quality and lightweight (usually 250-260gsm). Our hoodies are also a 50:50 cotton/polyester mix which makes them soft, warm and snuggly. Hoodies made with a higher cotton mix tend to fade in the wash and can feel rough against the skin.

High quality leavers hoodies

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Lockdown Leavers hoodies 2021

Student working from home during the UK Lockdown whilst wearing a leavers hoodie

This year’s school leavers need something to look forward to, yet with schools closed, exams cancelled and leavers proms extremely unlikely, there’s not much that students can be optimistic about when it comes to their final year at school.

When Schools reopened in September 2020 no one expected that come the start of 2021 we would still be under tight restrictions because of the covid-19 pandemic. Granted, it was far from an ordinary school year with students asked to wear face masks, bubble up into classes that cannot mix on campus and the constant risk of self-isolation when a classmate tests positive. But whilst it wasn’t school as normal it was still school with pupils able to see their friends and teachers able to teach their subjects.

School students are being homeschooled by parents and through online lessons
School students are being homeschooled by parents and through online lessons

As we write this blog at the start of February 2021 a huge majority of the ~7million UK school students are being homeschooled. Isolated from their school mates and their teachers, learning at the rate normally expected is a huge challenge. Schools and their teachers are doing an astounding job given the circumstances, providing a mix of on and offline learning together with supporting the children of key workers. Then there’s the amazing parents and carers that are trying their best to home school their families. Everyone is struggling, but everyone is doing their best, and we can only applaud that.

For 2021 there is still much to celebrate and be optimistic about, but the celebrations themselves will remain muted.

For those pupils in their last year of school, this is a particularly sad state of affairs. The final year of school is often the happiest, a time to celebrate the success of the last few years and look with optimism towards the future ahead. For 2021 there is still much to celebrate and be optimistic about, but the celebrations themselves will remain muted.

End of school celebrations such as proms is unlikely to happen this year, although creative virtual proms may be the order of the day. But how can students look back on this extraordinary year in the future? We’ve been making leavers hoodies since 1998, some say the original and the best, and who are we to disagree! But this year we felt that our leaver’s hoodies would possibly mean more than ever, so what could we do differently to mark this very different year?

Introducing the Lockdown Leavers designs for the class of 2021
Introducing the Lockdown Leavers designs for the class of 2021

Introducing the Lockdown Leavers Hoodies

Introducing the lockdown leavers hoodie designs. A selection of special designs to remember the class of 2021. Our designers have come up with five new unique designs which maintain the classic hallmarks of our normal leaver’s hoodies but with a choice of design elements which will remind people that 2021 was far from a normal year.

Watch the vibe of Lockdown Leavers Hoodies video

These designs, of course, won’t be for everyone, some will prefer to go with a normal design and block out all knowledge that 2021 even happened. But for those looking to celebrate leaving school in a lockdown year, look no further than these special designs.

  • REAR LD01
  • Lockdown Leavers Design REAR LD02
  • Lockdown Leavers Design REAR LD03
  • Lockdown Leavers Design REAR LD04
  • Lockdown Leavers Design REAR LD05

However the school year ends, we wish all 2021 school leavers the very best of luck!