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Leavers hoodies in production

Leavers Hoodies 2021 in production

Our factory is about to enter it’s busiest period for leavers hoodie production. As summer term approaches the orders start to roll in to fulfil the end of school year rush for personalised leavers mementoes.

Depending on the garments and designs chosen, there are a number of production methods used to create the best leavers hoodies you can get in the UK.


A lot of schools opt for an embroidered logo on the front. Usually placed on the left chest, embroidery adds a high quality feel to the garment. At the school leavers company, we have embroidery machines that can stitch multiple garments at the same time. You can imagine it’s quite a noisy environment, but absolutely mesmerising to watch a logo starting to take shape.

Before we can start stitching the logo you supply to us it needs to be digitised so that it’s compatible with the embroidery machine, this allows the machine to know which thread colours to use on each part of the logo. It’s much more complex than that, maybe something for another blog in the future.

You can see here a couple of logo’s being embroidered directly onto the leavers hoodies.

Screen Printing

In the majority of cases, we use screen printing to produce all other customisations on our leavers hoodies. Screen printing provides the optimum quality finish and creates garments that will stand the test of time in the washing machine (assuming you follow the washing instruction correctly).

Our large workshop is able to turn around 100’s of leavers hoodies every day. You can see a speak peek into our screen printing workshop in the video below where you can see several of the 2021 special lockdown leavers designs being printed.

A word on quality

We supply a premium quality heavyweight (300gsm) hoodie. Most wholesale hoodies on the market offered by other companies are generally poor quality and lightweight (usually 250-260gsm). Our hoodies are also a 50:50 cotton/polyester mix which makes them soft, warm and snuggly. Hoodies made with a higher cotton mix tend to fade in the wash and can feel rough against the skin.

High quality leavers hoodies

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