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What will leavers parties be like in the New Year if COVID is still around?

Many pupils leaving schools and colleges this year were not only caught up in the confusion surrounding exams and predicted grades, but they also missed out on all the end of year celebrations, including leavers proms, graduation ceremonies, sports days and a whole lot more.

Obviously, everyone hopes that for next year’s pupils leaving primary and secondary school that the situation will be very much different and that the traditions enjoyed by so many school leavers in the UK in the past can return. However, it is worth being prepared and thinking about leavers parties now.

Virtual events

During the national lockdown, many schools came up with innovative ideas for school leavers to celebrate their time at their school, including virtual proms and graduation ceremonies. While these will never replace the real thing, they were at least a way of marking the occasion. Many pupils who were initially reluctant to take part in virtual events ended up enjoying the experience and getting on board with the occasion, with many schools also using it to fundraise.

Some pupils who were already disappointed by the way their school experience had ended believed the virtual events wouldn’t live up to expectations, but with a little bit of imagination and persuasion from friends and family, pupils from all across the country embraced the virtual events and dressed up in their party gear, prepared speeches and even enjoyed some dancing around their homes. Teachers and parents also got involved and joined in, applauding and celebrating what for many was an emotional end to their school education.

Leavers hoodies

One tradition that was still able to continue was for pupils to be able to purchase, or be presented with, a leavers hoodie and pupils leaving schools and colleges next year can also be sure of getting their leavers hoodies 2021. These mementos are worn with pride for many years and are a symbol of unity among a year group. Designs available include two-tone to zip-through and are available in sizes from junior up to adult. Leavers hoodies 2021 are available in a variety of colours for school leavers in the UK, with many opting for their school colours, or house team colours.

School leavers clothing and mugs

Other ideas for school leavers in the UK include other clothing such as T-shirts, polo shirts and rugby shirts. Schools can even order a US-style varsity jacket featuring the school logo.

There are also non-clothing items for leavers, including leavers’ mugs. These are printed using a dye-sublimation process, which ensures the design is permanent and 100% dishwasher and microwave safe. As well as the school logo, pupil names can also be printed, making it a truly special item to treasure for years to come.

Whatever 2021 brings, one thing that is certain is that thousands of school children up and down the country will be celebrating the end of their primary, secondary or college education and that deserves a souvenir, whatever the circumstances.